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hfh bag review: Prada Soft Rings in natural

29 Sep

Following on from my post back at the beginning of September launching our new hfh handbag review here is our verdict on the lovely Prada Soft Rings in neutral!

From its very first outing (which was to the bank – very boring and mundane!) Prada Soft Rings handbagthis bag was certainly noticed.  Maybe it was the colour (a beige/pink that seemed to go with everything), the gold coloured rivets or the fact that it was Prada and you could spot its quality at ten paces.  The cashier said “what a gorgeous bag” (and I got a new member signed up on the spot) and the lady behind me in the queue even stroked it!

The length of the straps makes this bag easy to carry over the shoulder with the body sitting perfectly at the elbow.  This was a great help to me on bank day as I was carrying around £40 of change to pay into my daughter’s bank account.  Along with my purse, phone, makeup bag and umbrella the bag wasn’t too heavy and the straps didn’t cut into my shoulder.

Next up was a business show.  A few changes to bag contents (out goes the umbrella, in comes a A4 notepad, pen, business cards, bottle of water and tic tacs) and it was ready to go.  The body of this bag, whilst looking very structured is actually quite soft and saves it looking like an over the shoulder briefcase and too professional.  However it does keep its shape very well (it IS Prada!) and even filled to the brim the rectangular shape stays true and doesn’t sag or pull anywhere.

The gold zip across the entire top length makes it easy to totally secure all your belongings but more importantly to find them!  Open it a little if you’re after your phone stored in the integral inside pocket, all the way if you’re rooting around for the small plastic cow your 2 year old daughter is demanding.

The Prada Soft Rings also accompanied me on a weekend in Cornwall with the family (where sea spray and grubby floors of an amusement arcade didn’t faze it one bit) and several supermarket shopping trips (where once I only needed a few things and popped them straight in without the need for a carrier).

In summary this bag suited me perfectly.  Looking good in both a professional or personal day, enough room to store everything I need to keep at hand and a great colour that went with any outfit I am hard pushed to find anything negative about it.  Well, maybe there’s all the admiring glances I thought were for me!

So I sadly put it back into stock for one of you lucky ladies to hire.  What shall I move onto now?  The small Chloe Silverado in black seems to be calling me.

To celebrate our first bag review you can hire the Prada Soft Rings for only £55 including next day delivery and return, saving £20!  Visit  Designer Handbag Hire from handbagsfromheaven and enter code hfhbrsep10 – but be quick, its first come first served!