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Katie Price promotes her new handbag range

27 Jan

Not content with being a business woman, model, author, singer, brand, and tv star (as she describes herself!), Katie is now adding fashion designer to her repertoire.

She recently tweeted a photo of herself led on an array of handbags that she has designed for her fashion label Day 22.  In conjunction with designer Lamis Khamis, Day 22 is described as a brand that is stylish, comfortable, edgy and of quality.  It was launched in February last year and each month on the 22nd they will add new pieces to the collection, hence the name.

The range of bags include leopard print, purple sequins, stripes and silver glitter, though its hard to see the full range as Katie is seductively draped over them!









We’re waiting for the official press release before seeing if we will stock them.  What do you think!


Do you look after your handbags?

9 Dec

I know it seems a bit of a silly question but do you really know how to properly store your handbags?

Initially I dismissed this concern, but I then got a little anxious thinking about all the beautiful handbags (whether borrowed or purchased!) that could be in immediate danger without proper care.

You know I’m a little OCD when it comes to organisation and this does (unfortunately!) extend from the contents of my bag to the bags themselves (and lots of other areas of my life but here is not the time or the place)!  So below is an easy to follow checklist to get your bags in order and stop sun damage, scratches, dirt, dust and creases ruining to the look of your loved bag.

Rule Number one!  NEVER and I really mean NEVER hang your handbag from a hanger.  It stretches out the material of the bag and will make it warped and misshapen, along with making the stitching between the handles and main body of the bag weak.  Even if you have your bag in a dust cover that is hanging from a hanger this is not acceptable. This will just compress your bag into a ill-fitting shape and might leave creases or cracks on the material

Make sure every bag is stored in its own dedicated dustcover.  Most top designers usually provide a dustcover when you purchase a bag but high street bags tend not to.  It doesn’t matter if your bag cost £5000 or £50 every bag must be enclosed in its own dustcover. This will stop dust and dirt building up on the surface and leaving the material looking dull and dirty. If you find that you need to buy dustcovers you have the following options depending on your budget:

Mia Cotone Handbag Dust Covers
These are the creme de la creme of dust covers.  Available in 28 fab colours and three sizes these are pretty much made to measure.  Prices start from a hefty £47 for the small size but they are gorgeous and perfect for the Fashionista who has a walk in wardrobe and can have them all on display.

For some people, spending more money on a dust cover than the actual handbag that goes into it isn’t an option so the company also offer “simple” and “classic” version which start at £16.  (Please note prices are approximate as company is based in US and quotes dollar prices.  They do however ship to the UK for an additional fee).

If money is an issue, opt for simple cotton pillowcases or covers.  You can get a vast range of colours and fabrics which again makes organisation easy and they will ensure the care and safety of your bags.

Also ensure you stuff each bag fully with acid free tissue paper to keep its shape and prevent cracks or dents on the leather.
Now all your bags are properly protected you have two options for storing them.


On display
If you have a shelf in your wardrobe (well, actually a shelf anywhere will do!) you could rack them up like books.  Ohhh, a handbag library!!!!  This would look especially beautiful if you purchased the Mia Cotone dustcovers.

Storage boxes
If, like most of us you are limited on money and space you can put your bags in a storage box which can then go anywhere (in the wardrobe, under the bed, on the landing). Plain plastic boxes are the cheapest option and you can pick up a three pack of underbed storage boxes from Tesco for only £15.

A slightly more stylish option is the seagrass storage box with lid from A Place For Everything.  This will easily slot in the bottom of your wardrobe.

One other option is to turn your storage into a work of art.  Storage offer a huge range of different colour and size options of traditional trunks, our absolute favourite is the daisy print one:

If you have chosen the storage box option PLEASE just spend a little more time putting your bags in properly.  Throwing them into one big jumble is not going to help you or them!

The best way to place them in a box/trunk is to lay each one completely flat one on top of the other.  Make sure to the heavy handbags like large hobos and satchels with metal hardware are placed at the bottom and light weight bags like clutches and small across bodies are on top.

If you invest a little time in getting your storage right your handbags will last you for years and still look as good as new.

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Why buy when you can hire?

1 Nov

One of the top questions we’re asked is “why hire designer handbags“?  Hmmm, where do you want us to start!!  We thought we’d list our top three reasons here but do get in touch and let us know yours!

1. Variety

Why have a wardrobe full of high street bags that are the same as your friends when you can have a different luxurious, lusted over designer piece of arm candy to stand out from the crowd every week or month

2. Convenience

You can hire from us at any time of the day or night from the comfort of your own home with guaranteed next day delivery

3. Save money

Spend £700 on a handbag and get bored with it in a few months?  Spend £15 a week and swap it when you fancy something new!

Burberry predicting a very stormy winter

11 Oct

Burberry have just unveiled a new capsule collection of ready to wear entitled Winter Storms which is now available at their website and in store.

It comprises mens, women’s and childrens wear along with wet weather accessories such as scarves, umbrellas and gloves. Bags also feature – naturally!

The colours of every item are in keeping with the collections name – black, grey,  and white with flashes of dark metal tones remind us of thundery skies and lightning.

The ten bags in the collection are mostly slouchy over the shoulder styles such as the hobo and bowling and are quite large (presumably to hold all your bad weather kit!).  The colours are in keeping with the rest of the range with black and dark nickel being prominent but Burberry have also updated their iconic check pattern in grey, white and black and we think it looks very sophisticated.

All the bags also have metal stud detailing which from a distance makes them look as though they are covered in little snowflakes – whether you’d take the £3,000 large Python Tote out in a snowstorm is another matter entirely!

The promo video is fab and features the soundtrack “Stormy Weather” by The Kooks, very apt.  Watch it here:

What do we think?  Bring on the snow!!

Male celebs with pink handbags!

24 Sep

Actors Liam Neeson and Martin Clunes along with director (and Insurance Ad Specialist!) Michael Winner and Les Ferdinand have joined forces with Cancer Research UK to model pink handbags for the charities Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

The month normally focusses on all things female, however the men have taken part to add a touch of masculinity to show that both men and women can support Cancer Research UK’s campaign ‘Join the fight for women’s survival’.

The bags being modelled form a range of pink products available to purchase from the Cancer Research UK shop with all profits going towards breast cancer research.

We think they look fab!

We’re dreaming of this for Christmas!

1 Sep

Stumbled across this on YouTube and just wanted to share with you all!!

We think we’ve been good enough for Santa to bring us a christmas tree just like it this year!