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Jimmy Choo Mahala is February’s bag of the month

4 Feb

Forgive me father, it’s been two month since my last confession. Sorry, bag review.

I’m not the religious type at all but I feel I have to confess my sins. December started out just like any other month – a tour of the new stock to choose a bag to road test for the month. And that’s where any similarities ended and I fell in love.

The Jimmy Choo Mahala is one of our newest bags and I started to get all warm and fuzzy as soon as I picked it up. Gorgeously soft black leather offset with suede panels gives this bag a lovely tactile feel. You really do just want to stroke it the whole time. The handles are a perfect length for carrying this bag over my shoulder but not too long that I couldn’t carry it by hand also.

My heart started to beat faster when I opened it up to reveal not one, two or three internal pocket but FOUR! My inner control freak  was rejoicing by this point (regular readers will know I am an organising obsessive!).

Transferring all my stuff from the previous bag (and this included a lollipop, 5 lipsticks, 2 Sylvania families figures and a tin of almonds, more on this later as it’s a fab new promotion we’re working on!) it seemed this bag was designed for me – maybe even by me. Every pocket seemed to be the perfect size for the items I was putting in it. Purse and phone in back zipped pocket (for security), tissues, pen and notepad in front pocket (easily accessible), keys in the left pocket, make up bag and my daughters bits and pieces in the middle and business cards in the small outside zipped pocket.  See – told you I was an organising obsessive!!

However, this bag really came into its own when I started using it. The open-top design (not very suitable if mixing in light-fingered company!) does mean you can drop smaller things straight into the bag without having to undo it. It also makes locating items a cinch too as the top opens very, very wide!  The magnetic fastening is really strong, which means you only need to throw the strap over and it catches very easily.

It was my anniversary on 16th December and I’d booked a meal for us at a rather posh restaurant.  I didn’t have time to change my bag to a small slinky affair (and to be honest neither did I want to!).  I thought it may have been a little on the large side for a romantic dinner (three people at the table, hmmm – not the best!) but it didn’t get in the way at all.  It even got admiring looks from the waitress and in the bar after our meal a lady actually told me it was gorgeous (to which I replied – well, you can always hire it!).

Next up was a child’s birthday party.  It swallowed the card and present with ease and still didn’t feel heavy, but more importantly didn’t lose its shape. A wedding reception and the obligatory family boxing day party came and the Mahala was perfect in every situation – this bag is amazing!

Early January it accompanied me to London for an important business meeting and then a trip to the theatre.  Once again – perfect!  I really think the bag being with me at the meeting helped me clinch the deal and the lady sat next to me at The Adelphi (Love Never Dies, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera is amazing!) could not stop looking at it.

Quite a few of you have asked to see pictures of the bags being used so you can get a better idea of dimensions (and to see how I look maybe?!?!?!).  Here is me with the beloved Mahala in Trafalgar Square.

Bag: Jimmy Choo Mahala, Coat: Reiss, Dress: Topshop


As in all our other bag reviews, you can borrow this bag for half price for a months hire, that’s just £42.50 including next day delivery and return collection.  An absolute bargain for an £875 Jimmy Choo!

This offer is valid until the end of February so better be quick!  Just visit the Jimmy Choo Mahala page on our website and add discount code BOTMFEB11 at the checkout.

But please don’t – I don’t want to give it back!

until next time

x x x


Bag of the month: Chloe Silverado in black

1 Dec

Boho passed me by.  Not that I’m so out of tune with the fashion scene that Sienna Miller and her floaty peasant blouses and fur trimmed gillets didn’t hit my radar, more that particular style just doesn’t do it for me.

So when we purchased the medium Chloe Silverado in black I have to say it wasn’t a favourite of mine and didn’t expect to be trialling it for our bag review any time soon even though it’s been spotted on pretty much every celeb from Nicole Ritchie to Jessica Simpson.

Unstructured, relaxed and rugged this bag encapsulates the current trend for all things cowboy.  Made out of luxurious pebbled leather it has immediately recognisable features such as side flap pockets, antique silver studs and whipstitching on both the handles and pockets.Chloe Silverado in black

Now, I’m an organised person (some people see anal!) and like bags with lots of pockets that I can throw over my shoulder so I have both hands free.  The straps on the Silverado aren’t quite long enough to get it on your shoulder and I found myself feeling a little like the Queen (and a more than a little uncomfortable) carrying it in the crook of my arm.

However it has more than enough compartments to keep me happy.  The exterior is roomy yet functional with the two side flap pockets being perfect for storing all my “keep in easy reach” things such as house keys and mobile phone whilst tissues for wiping my daughters nose, tic tacs (you never know!) and lippy were easily stored in the double side pockets.  The roomy interior held more than enough of the other important things that regular readers will know I carry around  (plastic toys, notepad, crayons and purse to name a few!).

This month its accompanied me to a parents meeting at school, a Christmas shopping trip (although I found it very tricky to carry the bag and all my purchases), a charity fashion show and a smart birthday lunch and I was surprised at how versatile it was, perfectly accessorising both smart and casual outfits.  I was surprised I liked it as much as I did and I’ve now rather reluctantly put it back into our closet.

If you’re a bit of a country girl at heart (even if you don’t know it!), you’ll want it swinging from your arm too.

As our bag of the month, hire the Chloe Silverado in black for only £42.49 for a whole month including next day delivery and collection!  That’s a whopping 50% off!

There’s only one in stock so be quick!!  Just add botmdec10 to checkout at

hfh bag review: Prada Soft Rings in natural

29 Sep

Following on from my post back at the beginning of September launching our new hfh handbag review here is our verdict on the lovely Prada Soft Rings in neutral!

From its very first outing (which was to the bank – very boring and mundane!) Prada Soft Rings handbagthis bag was certainly noticed.  Maybe it was the colour (a beige/pink that seemed to go with everything), the gold coloured rivets or the fact that it was Prada and you could spot its quality at ten paces.  The cashier said “what a gorgeous bag” (and I got a new member signed up on the spot) and the lady behind me in the queue even stroked it!

The length of the straps makes this bag easy to carry over the shoulder with the body sitting perfectly at the elbow.  This was a great help to me on bank day as I was carrying around £40 of change to pay into my daughter’s bank account.  Along with my purse, phone, makeup bag and umbrella the bag wasn’t too heavy and the straps didn’t cut into my shoulder.

Next up was a business show.  A few changes to bag contents (out goes the umbrella, in comes a A4 notepad, pen, business cards, bottle of water and tic tacs) and it was ready to go.  The body of this bag, whilst looking very structured is actually quite soft and saves it looking like an over the shoulder briefcase and too professional.  However it does keep its shape very well (it IS Prada!) and even filled to the brim the rectangular shape stays true and doesn’t sag or pull anywhere.

The gold zip across the entire top length makes it easy to totally secure all your belongings but more importantly to find them!  Open it a little if you’re after your phone stored in the integral inside pocket, all the way if you’re rooting around for the small plastic cow your 2 year old daughter is demanding.

The Prada Soft Rings also accompanied me on a weekend in Cornwall with the family (where sea spray and grubby floors of an amusement arcade didn’t faze it one bit) and several supermarket shopping trips (where once I only needed a few things and popped them straight in without the need for a carrier).

In summary this bag suited me perfectly.  Looking good in both a professional or personal day, enough room to store everything I need to keep at hand and a great colour that went with any outfit I am hard pushed to find anything negative about it.  Well, maybe there’s all the admiring glances I thought were for me!

So I sadly put it back into stock for one of you lucky ladies to hire.  What shall I move onto now?  The small Chloe Silverado in black seems to be calling me.

To celebrate our first bag review you can hire the Prada Soft Rings for only £55 including next day delivery and return, saving £20!  Visit  Designer Handbag Hire from handbagsfromheaven and enter code hfhbrsep10 – but be quick, its first come first served!