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Katie Price promotes her new handbag range

27 Jan

Not content with being a business woman, model, author, singer, brand, and tv star (as she describes herself!), Katie is now adding fashion designer to her repertoire.

She recently tweeted a photo of herself led on an array of handbags that she has designed for her fashion label Day 22.  In conjunction with designer Lamis Khamis, Day 22 is described as a brand that is stylish, comfortable, edgy and of quality.  It was launched in February last year and each month on the 22nd they will add new pieces to the collection, hence the name.

The range of bags include leopard print, purple sequins, stripes and silver glitter, though its hard to see the full range as Katie is seductively draped over them!









We’re waiting for the official press release before seeing if we will stock them.  What do you think!


Handbag secrets uncovered!

18 May

The secrets of our love affair with handbags have been revealed. Women in the UK have an average of 6 handbags according to new research* by California Almonds. The average handbag and its contents are worth £108 and weighs in at a shocking 4lbs – that’s the equivalent of carrying around 4 bags of sugar!

Handbags have always had a dual role being the ultimate fashion accessory as well as a practical survival kit to get us through the day.

Amongst the treasure trove of handbag goodies from make-up to jewellery to the latest must-have gadgets, there’s one essential that’s often missing – a healthy snack to boost energy levels and get busy women through even the most grueling days – and cope under the weight of those handbags!

When it comes to food, 54% of women carry snacks in their handbags. The ideal snack is convenient, tasty and packs a nutritional punch. Almonds are perfect for handbags, they’re portable, nutritious and utterly delicious, (and, even better, they won’t leave crumbs or melt inside your handbag.) A natural source of protein, high in 10 essential nutrients, including fibre, vitamin E and calcium, almonds have the most bone-building calcium of any tree nut and a handful will provide you with 60% of your daily requirement of vitamin E.

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow explains, “Healthy snacking is good for you and can help keep energy levels up and hunger pangs down. Choose a snack such as almonds that is tasty and satisfying – it will help you get through the day and avoid giving into the temptation and reaching for those unhealthy impulse snacks. Almonds fit perfectly in your handbag and are ideal for those of us with busy lifestyles.”

We’ve teamed up with California Almonds and everey new hire this month will receive a funky storage tin and a free packet of almonds!!  Get hiring before they’re all gone!

Jimmy Choo Mahala is February’s bag of the month

4 Feb

Forgive me father, it’s been two month since my last confession. Sorry, bag review.

I’m not the religious type at all but I feel I have to confess my sins. December started out just like any other month – a tour of the new stock to choose a bag to road test for the month. And that’s where any similarities ended and I fell in love.

The Jimmy Choo Mahala is one of our newest bags and I started to get all warm and fuzzy as soon as I picked it up. Gorgeously soft black leather offset with suede panels gives this bag a lovely tactile feel. You really do just want to stroke it the whole time. The handles are a perfect length for carrying this bag over my shoulder but not too long that I couldn’t carry it by hand also.

My heart started to beat faster when I opened it up to reveal not one, two or three internal pocket but FOUR! My inner control freak  was rejoicing by this point (regular readers will know I am an organising obsessive!).

Transferring all my stuff from the previous bag (and this included a lollipop, 5 lipsticks, 2 Sylvania families figures and a tin of almonds, more on this later as it’s a fab new promotion we’re working on!) it seemed this bag was designed for me – maybe even by me. Every pocket seemed to be the perfect size for the items I was putting in it. Purse and phone in back zipped pocket (for security), tissues, pen and notepad in front pocket (easily accessible), keys in the left pocket, make up bag and my daughters bits and pieces in the middle and business cards in the small outside zipped pocket.  See – told you I was an organising obsessive!!

However, this bag really came into its own when I started using it. The open-top design (not very suitable if mixing in light-fingered company!) does mean you can drop smaller things straight into the bag without having to undo it. It also makes locating items a cinch too as the top opens very, very wide!  The magnetic fastening is really strong, which means you only need to throw the strap over and it catches very easily.

It was my anniversary on 16th December and I’d booked a meal for us at a rather posh restaurant.  I didn’t have time to change my bag to a small slinky affair (and to be honest neither did I want to!).  I thought it may have been a little on the large side for a romantic dinner (three people at the table, hmmm – not the best!) but it didn’t get in the way at all.  It even got admiring looks from the waitress and in the bar after our meal a lady actually told me it was gorgeous (to which I replied – well, you can always hire it!).

Next up was a child’s birthday party.  It swallowed the card and present with ease and still didn’t feel heavy, but more importantly didn’t lose its shape. A wedding reception and the obligatory family boxing day party came and the Mahala was perfect in every situation – this bag is amazing!

Early January it accompanied me to London for an important business meeting and then a trip to the theatre.  Once again – perfect!  I really think the bag being with me at the meeting helped me clinch the deal and the lady sat next to me at The Adelphi (Love Never Dies, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera is amazing!) could not stop looking at it.

Quite a few of you have asked to see pictures of the bags being used so you can get a better idea of dimensions (and to see how I look maybe?!?!?!).  Here is me with the beloved Mahala in Trafalgar Square.

Bag: Jimmy Choo Mahala, Coat: Reiss, Dress: Topshop


As in all our other bag reviews, you can borrow this bag for half price for a months hire, that’s just £42.50 including next day delivery and return collection.  An absolute bargain for an £875 Jimmy Choo!

This offer is valid until the end of February so better be quick!  Just visit the Jimmy Choo Mahala page on our website and add discount code BOTMFEB11 at the checkout.

But please don’t – I don’t want to give it back!

until next time

x x x

Victoria sets her sights on the White House

21 Jan

Victoria started her dvb fashion line in 2007 with jeans and sunglasses. However if rumours are to be believed it wasn’t that successful with Fred Segal and Saks dropping the range due to poor sales.

However she came back fighting in 2008 when she launched a high fashion collection based on what she likes to wear.  Just 10 pieces were in the first collection costing between £600 and £1,900 and gave more than a nod to one of her most iconic outfits; the Galaxy dress by one of her favourite designers Roland Mouret.

Now on her fifth collection she has won over the hard to crack fashion world with celebrities such as Madonna, Brooke Shields, Elle Macpherson, Katherine Jenkins and Tana Ramsay being photographed in her dresses.  She has even received praise from Anna Wintour, the notoriously frosty editor of American Vogue.

She surprised everyone however with her Spring/Summer 2011 collection as it also featured a handbag line that were also Beckham creations.

Understated, practical but also ultra luxurious and “super-chic” (as Victoria herself has said) the collection features a very large travel bag, a two tone shoulder bag and her flagship design, the Victoria.  Obviously named after herself (and if you can then why wouldn’t you!) its boxy rectangular shape not too dissimilar to her beloved Hermes Birkins.

Victoria Beckham "Victoria" bag


Shiny calfskin, nubuck and crocodile ass to the air of luxuriousness and with prices ranging from £3,250 to £18,000 she is certainly targeting a certain clientele.  Not content with celebrities she has set her sights much, much higher.

When interviewed by Luke Leitch from The Times, Victoria was asked who she could imagine toting her very limited edition white crocskin Victoria.  Her first response was obviously herself, but then she expanded “The other day I was fortunate enough to meet First Lady Mrs Obama and she has made a huge impression on me.  She has the most incredible aura about her.  I was beyond impressed.  She is beautiful, chic and charismatic and she would carry one of these bags really well.”

Now sold out on Net-a-Porter, lets hope Victoria has got her wish.

Always look stylish no matter what your size!

7 Jan

January is a time typically when New Year resolutions are made, but are also often broken.

Many women fall off the diet bandwagon after their resolutions of “I’ll lose weight”, “I’ll change my diet” or “I’ll do more exercise” prove impossible to keep.

However, it is a comforting thought that no matter what size or shape you are whilst you may endure a never ending battle with clothes, your handbag will always fit you perfectly.

Due to repeated yoyo dieting (piling on the pounds and then loosing them again), the average British woman has 10 or more items of clothing hanging in her wardrobe, simply gathering dust.

A recent survey carried out by Tesco Diets revealed that many UK women have clothes of three different dress sizes in her closet with only one size that currently fits!

Even shoe sizes can go up or down depending on a woman’s life stage, for example pregnancy.

Borrow bags from the wide range of genuine top designer brands at handbagsfromheaven and treat yourself by spending your money wisely. Remember that whilst your waistband might expand or decrease hiring a gorgeous designer handbag will always be a perfect fit!

Do you look after your handbags?

9 Dec

I know it seems a bit of a silly question but do you really know how to properly store your handbags?

Initially I dismissed this concern, but I then got a little anxious thinking about all the beautiful handbags (whether borrowed or purchased!) that could be in immediate danger without proper care.

You know I’m a little OCD when it comes to organisation and this does (unfortunately!) extend from the contents of my bag to the bags themselves (and lots of other areas of my life but here is not the time or the place)!  So below is an easy to follow checklist to get your bags in order and stop sun damage, scratches, dirt, dust and creases ruining to the look of your loved bag.

Rule Number one!  NEVER and I really mean NEVER hang your handbag from a hanger.  It stretches out the material of the bag and will make it warped and misshapen, along with making the stitching between the handles and main body of the bag weak.  Even if you have your bag in a dust cover that is hanging from a hanger this is not acceptable. This will just compress your bag into a ill-fitting shape and might leave creases or cracks on the material

Make sure every bag is stored in its own dedicated dustcover.  Most top designers usually provide a dustcover when you purchase a bag but high street bags tend not to.  It doesn’t matter if your bag cost £5000 or £50 every bag must be enclosed in its own dustcover. This will stop dust and dirt building up on the surface and leaving the material looking dull and dirty. If you find that you need to buy dustcovers you have the following options depending on your budget:

Mia Cotone Handbag Dust Covers
These are the creme de la creme of dust covers.  Available in 28 fab colours and three sizes these are pretty much made to measure.  Prices start from a hefty £47 for the small size but they are gorgeous and perfect for the Fashionista who has a walk in wardrobe and can have them all on display.

For some people, spending more money on a dust cover than the actual handbag that goes into it isn’t an option so the company also offer “simple” and “classic” version which start at £16.  (Please note prices are approximate as company is based in US and quotes dollar prices.  They do however ship to the UK for an additional fee).

If money is an issue, opt for simple cotton pillowcases or covers.  You can get a vast range of colours and fabrics which again makes organisation easy and they will ensure the care and safety of your bags.

Also ensure you stuff each bag fully with acid free tissue paper to keep its shape and prevent cracks or dents on the leather.
Now all your bags are properly protected you have two options for storing them.


On display
If you have a shelf in your wardrobe (well, actually a shelf anywhere will do!) you could rack them up like books.  Ohhh, a handbag library!!!!  This would look especially beautiful if you purchased the Mia Cotone dustcovers.

Storage boxes
If, like most of us you are limited on money and space you can put your bags in a storage box which can then go anywhere (in the wardrobe, under the bed, on the landing). Plain plastic boxes are the cheapest option and you can pick up a three pack of underbed storage boxes from Tesco for only £15.

A slightly more stylish option is the seagrass storage box with lid from A Place For Everything.  This will easily slot in the bottom of your wardrobe.

One other option is to turn your storage into a work of art.  Storage offer a huge range of different colour and size options of traditional trunks, our absolute favourite is the daisy print one:

If you have chosen the storage box option PLEASE just spend a little more time putting your bags in properly.  Throwing them into one big jumble is not going to help you or them!

The best way to place them in a box/trunk is to lay each one completely flat one on top of the other.  Make sure to the heavy handbags like large hobos and satchels with metal hardware are placed at the bottom and light weight bags like clutches and small across bodies are on top.

If you invest a little time in getting your storage right your handbags will last you for years and still look as good as new.

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Bag of the month: Chloe Silverado in black

1 Dec

Boho passed me by.  Not that I’m so out of tune with the fashion scene that Sienna Miller and her floaty peasant blouses and fur trimmed gillets didn’t hit my radar, more that particular style just doesn’t do it for me.

So when we purchased the medium Chloe Silverado in black I have to say it wasn’t a favourite of mine and didn’t expect to be trialling it for our bag review any time soon even though it’s been spotted on pretty much every celeb from Nicole Ritchie to Jessica Simpson.

Unstructured, relaxed and rugged this bag encapsulates the current trend for all things cowboy.  Made out of luxurious pebbled leather it has immediately recognisable features such as side flap pockets, antique silver studs and whipstitching on both the handles and pockets.Chloe Silverado in black

Now, I’m an organised person (some people see anal!) and like bags with lots of pockets that I can throw over my shoulder so I have both hands free.  The straps on the Silverado aren’t quite long enough to get it on your shoulder and I found myself feeling a little like the Queen (and a more than a little uncomfortable) carrying it in the crook of my arm.

However it has more than enough compartments to keep me happy.  The exterior is roomy yet functional with the two side flap pockets being perfect for storing all my “keep in easy reach” things such as house keys and mobile phone whilst tissues for wiping my daughters nose, tic tacs (you never know!) and lippy were easily stored in the double side pockets.  The roomy interior held more than enough of the other important things that regular readers will know I carry around  (plastic toys, notepad, crayons and purse to name a few!).

This month its accompanied me to a parents meeting at school, a Christmas shopping trip (although I found it very tricky to carry the bag and all my purchases), a charity fashion show and a smart birthday lunch and I was surprised at how versatile it was, perfectly accessorising both smart and casual outfits.  I was surprised I liked it as much as I did and I’ve now rather reluctantly put it back into our closet.

If you’re a bit of a country girl at heart (even if you don’t know it!), you’ll want it swinging from your arm too.

As our bag of the month, hire the Chloe Silverado in black for only £42.49 for a whole month including next day delivery and collection!  That’s a whopping 50% off!

There’s only one in stock so be quick!!  Just add botmdec10 to checkout at