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Victoria sets her sights on the White House

21 Jan

Victoria started her dvb fashion line in 2007 with jeans and sunglasses. However if rumours are to be believed it wasn’t that successful with Fred Segal and Saks dropping the range due to poor sales.

However she came back fighting in 2008 when she launched a high fashion collection based on what she likes to wear.  Just 10 pieces were in the first collection costing between £600 and £1,900 and gave more than a nod to one of her most iconic outfits; the Galaxy dress by one of her favourite designers Roland Mouret.

Now on her fifth collection she has won over the hard to crack fashion world with celebrities such as Madonna, Brooke Shields, Elle Macpherson, Katherine Jenkins and Tana Ramsay being photographed in her dresses.  She has even received praise from Anna Wintour, the notoriously frosty editor of American Vogue.

She surprised everyone however with her Spring/Summer 2011 collection as it also featured a handbag line that were also Beckham creations.

Understated, practical but also ultra luxurious and “super-chic” (as Victoria herself has said) the collection features a very large travel bag, a two tone shoulder bag and her flagship design, the Victoria.  Obviously named after herself (and if you can then why wouldn’t you!) its boxy rectangular shape not too dissimilar to her beloved Hermes Birkins.

Victoria Beckham "Victoria" bag


Shiny calfskin, nubuck and crocodile ass to the air of luxuriousness and with prices ranging from £3,250 to £18,000 she is certainly targeting a certain clientele.  Not content with celebrities she has set her sights much, much higher.

When interviewed by Luke Leitch from The Times, Victoria was asked who she could imagine toting her very limited edition white crocskin Victoria.  Her first response was obviously herself, but then she expanded “The other day I was fortunate enough to meet First Lady Mrs Obama and she has made a huge impression on me.  She has the most incredible aura about her.  I was beyond impressed.  She is beautiful, chic and charismatic and she would carry one of these bags really well.”

Now sold out on Net-a-Porter, lets hope Victoria has got her wish.


Agyness Deyn walks the dinosaur

18 Oct

Remember the infectious song “Walk the dinosaur” by Was (not was) in 2007?


Agyness rocking her dinosaur bag

Picture courtesy Splash News


Seems like our Aggy does and she’s taken it to heart, literally!

Lets be realistic here, your average woman (i.e 99.9% of the females on British streets) would look ridiculous carrying this bag.  Its childish, silly and ridiculous.  However put it on the arm of Agyness Deyn rocking her individual brit rock style it seems to make sense.  The Mohican and leather jacket toughen up the childish look of the bag and Aggy gives it her inimitable style.

For those of you who don’t remember the original track (boy are we showing our age!!), all we can say is Boom Boom Ackala Boom Boom! (and check it out on You Tube!)

Beckham to denounce her Birkins??

15 Sep

For as long as most of us can remember (well, at least since she distanced herself from Pop music), Victoria Beckham has gained more column inches about her Hermes Birkin collection than her designing skills or indeed her gorgeous husband.

According to a Daily Mail article published in late 2009 our Vic has a collection of over 100 Birkins estimated at over £1.5 million pounds

The bag was designed in 1984 by French fashion house Hermès and named after the actress Jane Birkin.  It was allegedly created after the company’s CEO Jean Louis Dumas sat next to the actress on a Paris to London flight. However it is now seen as a fashion classic and coveted around the globe – the basic model starts at “just” £4,200.

Not one to settle for “basic”, Victoria it seems is forever photographed with her expanding collection of luxurious Birkins with the pink ostrich skin probably being the most famous but nowhere near the most expensive!  Her glossy black crocodile comes in at a close second but her ultimate is the ‘Silver Himalayan’ style, which, at £80,000, comes complete with three-carat diamond.

However at her recent show at New York Fashion Week where she showed her Spring 2011 collection (which got rave reviews btw!) she was overheard saying of her first handbag collection “A Beckham can replace your Birkin”.

Seen carrying her “Victoria” design recently – we’re sure she’s made the move!

Katy loves Chloe

8 Sep

Not content with taming one of the wildest men born on these shores in quite a while Katy Perry is also loving her Chloe Paddington – named after the UK’s favourite bear (just kidding!).

Launched in 2003 it became the first IT bag for Chloe and still sells out every season.  Katy has gone for the metallic gold leather which certainly brightens up a dull winter outfit.  Her other accessory?  Her fiance of course!

Katy Perry with Chloe Paddington

If you want to channel Katy’s style but finding £700+ to purchase one of these will be a little difficult then why not hire our Chloe Paddington in Chocolate or Chloe Paddington Bauletto in Grey/Green for only £35?  Much easier than finding a louche man to tame!