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Snack the healthy way

25 May

Don’t forget we’re still running our promotion with California Almonds – the perfect mobile snack!  Every hire will get a free pack of almonds and travel tin!


Does the perfect bag really exist?

23 May

We all have our favourites in many areas of our lives and handbags are certainly no exception.  Shoulder, across body, clutch, lots of pockets for organisation or “throw it all in” bucket style – we all prefer a certain type of bag for our daily activities.

However Jimmy Choo think they have designed “the perfect” day bag.  The Rosalie is definitely a bit of a looker with perfect proportions, rolled leather handles and an expanding top to accommodate all the rubbish we ladies carry around with us.  The super soft grained calf’s leather version comes in red, black, chocolate and nude and they’ve also produced a leopard print ponyskin version and a snakeskin version for the super luxe ladies.

Its quite plain for a Choo design which we think will make it popular for the high flying businesswoman but may be seen as a little on the “boring” side for their glamourous customers. It also looks a LOT like the Ross from last year. 

To say its “perfect”???  We’re not so sure

Handbag secrets uncovered!

18 May

The secrets of our love affair with handbags have been revealed. Women in the UK have an average of 6 handbags according to new research* by California Almonds. The average handbag and its contents are worth £108 and weighs in at a shocking 4lbs – that’s the equivalent of carrying around 4 bags of sugar!

Handbags have always had a dual role being the ultimate fashion accessory as well as a practical survival kit to get us through the day.

Amongst the treasure trove of handbag goodies from make-up to jewellery to the latest must-have gadgets, there’s one essential that’s often missing – a healthy snack to boost energy levels and get busy women through even the most grueling days – and cope under the weight of those handbags!

When it comes to food, 54% of women carry snacks in their handbags. The ideal snack is convenient, tasty and packs a nutritional punch. Almonds are perfect for handbags, they’re portable, nutritious and utterly delicious, (and, even better, they won’t leave crumbs or melt inside your handbag.) A natural source of protein, high in 10 essential nutrients, including fibre, vitamin E and calcium, almonds have the most bone-building calcium of any tree nut and a handful will provide you with 60% of your daily requirement of vitamin E.

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow explains, “Healthy snacking is good for you and can help keep energy levels up and hunger pangs down. Choose a snack such as almonds that is tasty and satisfying – it will help you get through the day and avoid giving into the temptation and reaching for those unhealthy impulse snacks. Almonds fit perfectly in your handbag and are ideal for those of us with busy lifestyles.”

We’ve teamed up with California Almonds and everey new hire this month will receive a funky storage tin and a free packet of almonds!!  Get hiring before they’re all gone!